Veterinary Nursing Development (VND)

Created and run by a team of credentialed seasoned veterinary technicians, our Veterinary Nursing Development (VND) program include partnerships with formal education programs, as well as in-house upskilling tools and resources to help each veterinary nursing team member deliver the highest level of patient care while achieving their career goals. 

The VND programs include: 

  • Career pathing via NVA Veterinary Education Sponsorship Program in 4 different levels:
    • Veterinary Assistant
    • Veterinary Technician (AS)
    • Veterinary Technologist (BAS)
    • Veterinary Practice Manager
  • Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) mentorship program
  • RECOVER BLS and ALS Rescuer certification support and on-site training
  • VetBloom and atDove discounts and support
  • Fear Free® certification discounts and hospital certification support 
  • RACE-Approved Clinical Training resources and workshops
  • Collaboration and support with VND leaders across the country
  • On-site, specialty-level, Clinical Training in Emergency & Critical Care by VTS (ECC)
  • ACT and Client Service Representative (CSR) certification support and professional development

“Veterinary technicians, assistants, Client Service Representatives, and practice managers play such a vital role in our hospitals. The VND team is so proud to offer these amazing team members access to innovative and world-class programs and training to advance their career development and the veterinary profession as a whole.”

– Janet McConnell, CVT

Program Director, Veterinary Nursing Development

NVA Veterinary Education Sponsorship Program in partnership with Penn Foster and Colby Community College

NVA has partnered with Penn Foster College to deliver their online, on-demand programs to NVA community team members. The AVMA Accredited Veterinary Technician and NAVTA-Approved Veterinary Assistant programs allow non-credentialed veterinary assistants and technicians to become credentialed through formal education programs with tuition support from NVA. 

The Penn Foster College partnership offers something for every member of the support team: 

  • Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA) 
  • Veterinary Technician (AS)
  • Veterinary Technology (BAS)
  • Veterinary Practice Management (VPM) 

Colby College Veterinary Nursing Program provides discounted tuition through NVA hospital sponsorship.

Fear Free Training 

NVA proudly partners with Fear Free, an organization dedicated to preventing and alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. Through our partnership, we can extend a generous discount for team members to become Fear Free® certified professionals and provide support for hospitals to become a Fear Free certified practice.

Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) Mentorship Program 

For veterinary technicians who desire to focus on a specialty or discipline of veterinary medicine, the VTS mentorship program offers monthly meetings and mentorship to support aspiring VTS candidates in over 16 veterinary technician specialties. 

During the online monthly meetings, our veterinary technician specialists offer insights into their specialty to inspire others. The meetings are a great way to introduce new specialties to our technicians who many have not had exposure, offer support, and encourage others to pursue a specialty. 

RECOVER Certification 

RECOVER Certified BLS and ALS Rescuers are prepared for the ultimate emergency through the knowledge and skills required to give their patients the best chance of survival. NVA is proud to support team members to become certified rescuers through discounted courses and in-person training. 

ACT and Client Service Representative (CSR) Support

We're excited to offer support and resources beyond traditional veterinary technician paths via ACT and CSR certification support and professional development including trainings on regular cadence and network-wide CSR collaboration.

In-House Upskilling and Clinical Training Resources & Workshops

NVA supports in-house development for veterinary nursing team members to gain knowledge, skill, and continuing education by partnering with the following online resources: 

  • VetBloom Training Program Access: NVA is proud to partner with this platform which offers RACE-approved, specialty-focused CE for doctors and veterinary technicians/assistants. It includes a 3D Vet Simulator for anesthesia training, collaborative and customizable content, and progress tracking for a discounted rate.
  • Online Resource Access: Presented by the skilled team at DoveLewis emergency and specialty hospital, hosts a wide collection of RACE-approved CE resources online and on-demand. NVA offers a discount on clinic pricing and support in setting up the access.

In addition to online resources, VND provides live instructor-led clinical training workshops on various topics, delivered virtually or in person.

These comprehensive and innovative programs are open to all NVA technicians, assistants, and CSRs throughout our community.

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