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Partners in Possibility

You and your staff spend every day dedicated to the pets and people of your community. No one understands your hospital’s unique culture and contributions the way you do.

Yet many local hospitals could build even more for themselves and the pets they serve if they had a champion. Someone to partner with on new ways to create opportunity.

At NVA Compassion-First, we spend every day dedicated to empowering Specialty and Emergency hospitals like yours with new possibilities.

Local hospitals lead the way

We’re here to support who you are, not rebrand what you’ve built or let medical mandates get in your way. We provide expert resources that help your medicine and business thrive, from recruitment to operations support and so much more. It all comes down to your needs and goals, with a priority on maintaining your unique culture.

Medicine comes first

We’ll represent you, not direct you. Clinicians with rigorous training and practical experience understand the medicine and sometimes what’s needed most is clearing barriers to make that medicine available.

Capital investments from NVA Compassion-First can open the door to expansions or new builds. We can populate hospitals with life-saving equipment like MRIs and C-Arms. In some cases, an IT upgrade can be what’s needed for a hospital to reach new heights of medical care. Whatever you need, we’re listening.

Caregivers gain a community

You’re out there every day, and we’re proud to champion you from behind the scenes. We offer unique resources for clinicians such as cross-hospital collaboration, wellness programs and access to a system of veterinary leaders and peers.

We also provide unmatched opportunities to develop and train your people. They’ll be engaged by the chance to grow, you’ll enjoy stronger support than ever, and client experiences will benefit.

Back office support adds hours to your day

Your passion is medicine, not paperwork. Delegate the business of practicing medicine to our best-in-class capabilities teams and breathe a little easier.

Our recruiting team handles the daunting task of finding qualified doctors that match your culture. In fact, they placed 100+ top-level doctors in our hospitals even during a year marked by never-before-seen challenges.

Then there’s our marketing team, who can further build your hospital’s brand through the digital ecosystem from online reputation through search engine marketing and more. Our technology team ensures your IT infrastructure is sound and is available for round-the-clock support. Our services go on and on, including field and business operations, real estate, procurement and more.

You have ownership options

With NVA Compassion-First, the terms of our future together are up to you. Perhaps you’re a sole proprietor looking for collaboration. Or maybe you already share ownership of your practice with other doctors, and you all have individual goals. Whatever the situation, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized partnership tailored to your terms and timeline.

We offer strategic partnerships for growth that provide you with continued participation and profitability while retaining local ownership in the practice. Plus, with our associate buy-in program you can offer key team members the opportunity for a minority purchase into the practice. Buy-in options can be offered at the time of sale or at a later date as an incentive for your team with options for financing assistance.

From tax implications to payment options, we have the flexibility and the experience to smoothly guide your experience and set the foundation for a successful partnership.

Hear from our Hospital Partners

These practice owners made the leap into partnership, and they’ve never looked back. Listen to their stories as they share details on how they made their decision, and the benefits they’ve enjoyed ever since.

From humble beginnings in a van to a bustling business of 115 employees, hear these practice owners explain how they knew it was time for a partnership, and why NVA Compassion-First was the perfect fit.

Tell us your story

Every hospital has its own fingerprint. A unique approach to doing business, a special relationship with the local community—and specific opportunities just waiting to be realized.  Partnership with NVA Compassion-First could open new doors for you and your practice. We’d love to hear from you.

Please contact us so we can learn more about you and your practice.

Carrie Swafford, MBA

Director, Business Development


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