Medical Director’s Advancement Council (MDAC)

NVA Compassion-First specialty and emergency hospitals attract top minds to the forefront of the latest advancements in veterinary medicine. To help propel medicine forward while supporting our teams and fostering their professional growth, we created the Medical Director’s Advancement Council (MDAC). 

Bringing together the medical leadership from each of our 100+ hospitals across the country, the MDAC focuses on collaborating professionally, discussing our stance on current events taking place in the veterinary community, and defining NVA Compassion-First’s medical path forward.

The MDAC is led by Stacy Burdick, DVM, MBA DACVIM (SAIM), and Chief Medical Officer to NVA Compassion-First.

“I am privileged to lead a group of like-minded medical leaders dedicated to improving the profession we love.”

Stacy Burdick, DVM, MBA, DACVIM (SAIM)

NVA Compassion-First VP, Chief Medical Officer

Through the MDAC, our medical leaders can easily and quickly reach their peers from around the globe. This open line of communication has allowed our hospitals to not only improve patient care and medical operations but also to build a sense of community and belonging across borders to include Canadian and Australian medical leaders. Experts in our organization elevate and challenge each other, while individual hospitals remain empowered to maintain their local culture and decision-making abilities. The result is cutting-edge resources in the hands of world-class teams who constantly strive for the highest level of patient care possible.