Stephanie Bourgraf

Care Center
Cincinnati, OH

Stephanie is one of a kind and the type of receptionist you want to keep for the long run. She's always helpful, efficient, and positive, even when it's the most stressful at the front desk, which is more often these days. A prime example of how wonderful Stephanie is when we saw a client's pet for a diagnosis and workup of congestive heart failure—a pretty scary situation for any first-time client. On top of this, the client was visiting from out of town, and English was not her first language. We tried our best to explain all the details of the cardiac workup and follow-up plan when someone mentioned that Steph is fluent in Spanish and might be able to help.  Steph, who was in the middle of clocking out for the day, did not hesitate to answer all the client's questions and concerns. The client was beyond thankful, and I was beyond impressed. Steph even requested that we place her work schedule at the end of the discharges so if the owner had questions, she would know when to call to speak to her. These small things are what make significant differences and sets a practice apart from others.

Nominated by Dr. Megan McLane


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