Sharon Clare, PhD, DVM, DACVIM

Internal Medicine
Charleston Veterinary Referral Center
Charleston, SC

Dr. Sharon Clare is an exemplary example of Empowerment. She is an outstanding member of the CVRC family in Charleston. Sharon takes time out of a hectic schedule to provide quality care to both clients and patients. Her medical recommendations always offer top-level care, diagnostics, and forward-thinking. Sharon continually rededicates herself to lifelong learning to improve the care she provides to her patients, clients, and community. She is humble and collaborates with the expertise available to her daily to make the best decisions that benefit both the patient and their families. Sharon continually makes me want to strive for excellence. She pushes me along with other colleagues to continue to offer the best of ourselves. She is inspirational, motivating, and remains humble. When an obstacle is set before her, she neither tackles it nor lumbers over it; she cautiously evaluates the best idea to remove it from her path.

Nominated by teammate, Chastity Ketchum


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