Neyla Sweeny Romero

Veterinary Technician Floor Supervisor
Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals
Tinton Falls, NJ

Neyla is just one of those people you feel better for knowing. You can't help but notice how she lives her life, day-to-day, and want to emulate her. New to the position of supervisor, Neyla has gone above and beyond to lead by example. She does not ask others what she would not readily do herself, and her work ethic is second to none. She pays such close attention to detail, doesn't skip a beat, and makes sure everything gets done the best way for employees, patients, clients, and the hospital. It isn't always easy being a supervisor, especially when you work with friends, and anyone who knows Neyla is a friend. Neyla does not let personal feelings or relationships cloud her judgment or decision making. If something is happening that isn't right, Neyla will correct it and do so in a way that doesn't hurt feelings or alienate her staff. I may have been a supervisor before Neyla, but she has taught me to be the kind of supervisor we all should be – one with integrity, kindness, patience, and a no-nonsense attitude, always with a smile.

Nominated by Liz Hilliard


They always do the right thing, with unquestionable integrity.