Lisa Seale

Customer Care Supervisor
Malvern, PA

VRC has so many great employees, but there is one that over the past several months has completely stood out, our Client Service Supervisor, Lisa Seale. As with every practice in our network, the past seven months have been some of the most challenging times most of us have ever faced in our careers. Even those who have been around a long time have been tried and tested daily by COVID-19, our increased and unexpected caseloads, staffing concerns over health and safety, and staff shortages, all while trying to protect our hospital culture.

With our client service representatives being the front line, their positions can be challenging even under normal circumstances. Switching to curbside to accommodate our clients and keep staff safe has put tremendous strain on the client services team. It has also tripled our call volume, as I'm sure it has at all the locations in our Compassion-First network.

In August, our CSR manager moved on to other ventures, and you can imagine how this added stress to the CSR team. With their departure, Lisa rose to the occasion to provide support and stability to her department. She is recognized by each member of our management team for this nomination, and I can only hope to convey how much Lisa has helped her peers and staff over the past few months.

We're nominating Lisa for personifying our core value of Empowerment. Without a direct CSR manager, Lisa, without being asked, took the department's reins to make sure they had everything the team needed. There were several CSRs out due to COVID testing, and Lisa was able to coordinate with her peers and provide weekly schedules that ensured there was appropriate coverage without causing hardship or overburdening her coworkers. To provide adequate support to accommodate our increasing caseload and call volume, she found ways to expand our CSR schedules, move shifts around, and ensure staff was available when needed. At one point, we lost phone service, and Lisa reacted quickly, alerting the necessary people so our clients would be impacted as little as possible. When you are running a curbside service, the phone is your link to the outside world, and she was able to keep us connected and running smoothly.

We recently promoted a practice manager and added a new CSR manager. Since Lisa kept the team together, supported, efficient, and stabilized over the past few months, it has allowed for a seamless transition and ensured the team stays on course for success.

Nominated by her teammate, Libby


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