Kimberly Mackey

OR Technician
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
Houston, TX

I am Kimberly's supervisor for the surgery department, but this morning I received an email from an ICU team lead regarding Kimberly picking up a shift in the ICU department over the weekend. This is what I was told about Kimberly's time helping ICU:

"Kimmy, though, hit it out of the park! She hit the ground running and never stopped, with a smile on her face the whole time. She never showed a drop of fear working on these intense cases.

When it came time for her to leave for the day, L and V had left already and we were still working on the Central line patients. Without hesitation, complaint, or my asking - she stayed late to keep helping. She cleaned, she continued with patient care, she cracked jokes - she never stopped moving. I’d let her know it was okay to leave, and she would keep working. She truly had our backs in the ICU and showed the kind of Compassion we want at GCVS. She’s the kind of Technician I strive to be. "

Kimberly has always been a shining star that shows compassion, kindness, advanced skills and knowledge. She does this for the department she actually works in and also any she interacts with.

Nominated by her supervisor, Karen Ellis


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