Kim Scalf

Lead Surgical Technician
Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center
Grapevine, TX

Kim has been a Lead Technician of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center in Grapevine for over 20 years.

She was integral in growing a small satellite practice into a full-service, busy hospital by working hard and encouraging everyone around her to do their best. For example, Kim has created a positive team that can enjoy work and have fun together, but who will also buckle down to get the job done. She can juggle a million things and keep the rest of us moving in the right direction. Kim is a strong woman who has dedicated her career and a large part of herself to DVSC. She values honesty, above all else, and she has been fiercely loyal to the hospital. Kim looks over her staff like a Mama-Bear. Her rough country charm makes us laugh, but we always know when it's time to work. Beneath that tough woman in camo is the biggest, kindest, pink heart, you'll ever meet.

She is deeply dedicated to her personal and work-family. Kim has been an indescribable asset to DVSC. We are all so lucky to have her.

Nominated by teammate, Joanne Franks


They always do the right thing, with unquestionable integrity.