Kelly Smith

IM Technician and Coordinator
Upstate Vet
Greenville, SC

Kelly could represent all of the values listed here, but I chose empowerment because Kelly makes decisions that impact our patients, clients and workflow on a daily basis. While she is an excellent technician on the floor, she has over the years taken on the role of being our internal medicine coordinator. This means she fields all of our phone calls, schedules re-checks for us and handles our refill requests among so many other things. It is a tireless and never-ending job. Kelly handles her role with such grace and kindness and makes solid decisions on a daily basis. She lessens the workload on us as doctors dramatically by managing client expectations and being a person on whom owners can rely. With extreme kindness and compassion, she continuously helps our clients with their concerns and needs. I would not be able to do what she does day in and out. On weeks where Kelly takes vacation, her absence is ever present! There couldn't be a better person for this job and there are not enough ways to thank her for all that she does for us.

Nominated by her co-worker Dr. Vanessa Von Hendy-Willson


They empower others to do their best work.