Katryna Perrotta

Referral Coordinator
Care Center
Cincinnati, OH

Katryna is the embodiment of all the Compassion-First core values, but her Kindness is the driving force behind everything she does. She has always been there to support our hospital team in any way she can. She started the hospital's framed Paw Print Shadow Box Program for clients out of the Kindness of her heart, and it has since grown to become our new standard. Katryna befriended many of our clients – even inviting many to attend her wedding, including most of our hospital staff. Her Kindness is appreciated by everyone she encounters, and we're so lucky to have her as an integral part of our Care Center family. She deserves this Kudos award because I could not think of anyone who has gone above and beyond for Care Center, in so many ways, more than Katryna.

Nominated by teammate, Taylor Cull


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