Jackie Dion

Nursing Manager
Malvern, PA

Jackie is an amazing Nursing Manager and leader for our Emergency and Critical Care departments. As many of the sites have experienced, our case load during the COVID pandemic has dramatically increased while our staffing has at times been decreased. We have managed to pivot and adjust how we address clients' needs but not compromise our level of patient care.

As the direct supervisor of ECC, Jackie has empowered her staff to come together as a cohesive unit, supporting each other through these challenging times. It can be difficult as a manager to balance both the needs of the hospital/patient's needs with the very real needs and concerns of the support staff. Jackie has done this with the utmost integrity, ensuring staff could take time away to keep their family safe. Specifically I have seen her cover shifts for a co-worker whose mother is terminally ill and increased risk for COVID. Jackie has adjusted schedules to still cover the needs of the hospital but accommodate decreased availability from staff. And it has been done in a way that exemplifies integrity and kindness preventing this from becoming a point of contention or resentment.

Jackie has shown that here at VRC, the caring and love we show for our patients is a reflection of the caring and love we have for each other. That when one staff member is overwhelmed and down, another is there to pick them up and help them get through. Jackie not only supports her other managers and is a leader to her peers but she extends that also to the entire nursing staff. It would be easy to be overwhelmed and feel like giving up during these most recent events but I have seen Jackie take on the challenge, empower her staff and step in whenever needed to cover and support her staff. Jackie is available to her staff what seems like all hours of the day and truly cares for their well being. And in turn this has rallied the staff to serve what seems to be an insurmountable and never ending case load.

Nominated by her direct supervisor, Hannah Leyrer


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