Ginger Jones

Care Center
Cincinnati, OH

Ginger shows all of these values in everything she does. Her and I are the only ones in our department (rehab), and she consistently goes above and beyond for our coworkers and her pet parents and patients. She loves her clients and their pets like they are her family, and she is willing to stay later than her scheduled time to make sure that people get seen when they need to be seen. She has helped pick up while I was out sick this last week, as well as when I was on maternity leave last year. Ginger is a ray of sunshine always, and brightens everyone around her, no matter the situation. She encouraged me to do rehabilitation, and helped me through the program when I needed it. We talk almost daily, and she is willing to help me whenever I have questions (even when they are questions I already know the answer to and I am just second guessing myself).

Nominated by her co-worker and friend, Elaina Moore


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