Robert Presley

DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM - Chief of Staff
Upstate Vet
Greenville, SC and Asheville, NC

Dr. Presley exemplifies servant leadership. He consistently listens to the team. Every member of the team! Every morning starts with a team huddle so that every department knows the plan for the day. It doesn't stop there though he also stays late enough to be sure the overnight ER team is in the loop and knows the plan for the night as well. His dedication is unparalleled. Dr. Presley has come in on Christmas to help us do everything from seeing patients to folding laundry. He will show up at 4am to be sure the overnight crew knows he wants to hear from them as well. He has even figured out how to make staff meetings something to look forward to! There is no doubt that he has the utmost integrity; he leads by example and never asks of us what he won’t or hasn’t done himself!

One of his promises to the team is that we will ALL be respected at all times. And he encourages this by empowering us to collaborate in the creation of the culture we want to work in. Dr. Presley leads us in mindful discussions to determine what we need at work and what we will not tolerate. He trusts us to make the right choices for our team and to lead one another by example. We all know without doubt that he has our back. Dr. Presley inspires us all to serve not only our patients and clients but one another as well. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

It seems as if Dr. Presley is working and caring for the team all the time yet, somehow, he manages to do it all (and more)! When he isn’t taking care of the team, he is taking care of the community. His Kilo-9 Foundation provides relevant and realistic training to law enforcement officers so that they can provide critical, life-saving treatment in the field to their injured K9s. Even when not working he exemplifies the Compassion First core values!

Nominated by his direct report, Rana Sargent


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