Christina Barnhill

Technician Supervisor
Linwood Pet Hospital
Linwood, NJ

Chrissy is the technician supervisor at Linwood Pet Hospital, and she exemplifies everything a Compassion First team member should be. She is also the best teacher I have ever had: she is unendingly patient and kind when teaching and is always telling people she knows they can do it, whether it is placing a catheter or working on dose calculations. Chrissy is a true leader, rather than just a "boss". She is always directing people and keeping the treatment room and the team, making sure everyone is working together for the betterment of our patients. She is honest and genuinely cares about all of her technicians, patients, and pet parents. She is the kind of person who will spend 45 minutes on the phone with an owner, patiently explaining a diagnosis or medications, until the owner feels confident they know what is happening. Finally, Chrissy is a "first in, last out" kind of person. She will come in any day she is needed, cover shifts if people call out, and stay late if there is a particularly complex case late at night, just to make sure the techs all feel supported. If I had to pick the person at Linwood Pet Hospital who managed to embody every single one of the core values of Compassion First, it would be Christina Barnhill.

Nominated by her co-worker, Jessica Shipley


They always do the right thing, with unquestionable integrity.