Britney Slabe

Veterinary Technician
Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
Houston, TX

Britney is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Her compassion for our patients, clients, and fellow staff members is clearly evident in her every action. No matter how frustrating a situation can become, her patience and kindness never waivers. She always takes the time to be gentle with all of her patients which is especially important in geriatric cancer patients who have to come to the hospital frequently for treatment which can be very scary. This extra effort to make every experience as positive as possible for each patient makes the world of different for the patient and the client. She always has time to help her co-workers and never says no when asked to lend a helping hand. Having a person with this type of endless kindness promotes a nurturing environment for our patients and our team. Her kindness also makes her an invaluable asset to the clients who are dealing with a high stress and emotionally taxing disease. I am grateful to have such a strong advocate for our patients on my team and I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful person on my team.

Nominated by her co-worker Kimberly Alexander Coleman


We never forget to treat others with care.

We set our hearts on creating well-being for all pets and people—including ourselves.