Austin O’Connell

Hospital Director
Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals
Mount Laurel, NJ

A truck driver recently stopped at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Mount Laurel with a stray cat he found at a Virginia truck stop. The driver was traveling to New Jersey, knew of the Red Bank Hospitals and figured we could do something to help. Austin had his staff treat the cat, while he took it upon himself to find the owner. The cat had a chip, which luckily included a phone number and a name. Austin continued to call the number with no response. When he searched for the owner on Facebook, he found a match and learned that the cat was named Smokey. The owner had lost Smokey right before moving to California for a new job. She had been heartbroken about losing Smokey and grateful that Austin had searched and found her on Facebook. Two days later, Austin coordinated getting Smokey on a plane and back to its owner at no cost to her in honor of the Christmas season. The owner was delighted and grateful for Austin and his staff.

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