Introducing NVA Compassion-First’s New Mentorship Program

July 19, 2022

We’re excited to announce the official launch of NVA Compassion-First’s ER Immerse Program!  

ER Immerse is a mentorship program that provides veterinarians with a career path in emergency medicine. The program offers three tracks – ER Flex, ER FIT and ER ABVP – allowing doctors to select the structure that best meets their individual needs.  

In addition to benefiting mentees, the program helps to keep our teams at the forefront of medicine through learning and teaching, while improving recruiting and retention for our emergency services. 

Here’s what we learned through a recent survey of more than 450 veterinary students and 2,300 veterinarians:  

  • For veterinary students, emergency medicine is a desirable career, provided no internship is required.
  • Providing a “supportive team” in the form of mentors and clear paths to mastery are needed to improve our recruitment and retention of emergency practitioners.
  • The vast majority of referring veterinarians refer cases to emergency services with ABVP diplomate emergency vets.

“With this information as a guide, we developed ER Immerse, and more than 40 NVA Compassion-First hospitals are participating in the program. Over the past several months, we’ve created the program and built our library of content based on the recommendations of criticalists and ER doctors. Mentors and mentees will both have access to the library housed on the online learning platform, VetBloom,” says Dr. Matt Booth, ER Practice Development Lead for NVA Compassion-First.  

In addition to VetBloom, mentees will have access to tools and resources such as medical journals, our Community Team’s wellbeing resources, peer-to-peer collaboration via Microsoft Teams, grand rounds, and more.

Click here to learn more about this exciting new mentorship program.