Tails from the Field – May 2021

April 27, 2021

Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH): Miss Bootsie’s mysterious mass 

South Deerfield, MA

 When Miss Bootsie, a sweet 1-year-old cat, presented to VESH for intermittent vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and a decreased appetite, her owners did not expect that a mass would be the cause. However, after a gastrointestinal workup revealed no stomach or intestinal issues, VESH veterinarians discovered a swelling in the back of her throat. VESH’s board-certified veterinary surgeon, Dr. Benson, collected tissue samples under anesthesia and submitted them to a veterinary laboratory for analysis, and Miss Bootsie’s mass was diagnosed as an eosinophilic granuloma rather than a cancerous tumor, to the VESH team’s relief. An eosinophilic granuloma develops when an animal’s immune system overreacts to an irritant, such as an allergen or parasitic infection. The mass significantly reduced in size with steroid treatment, but unfortunately grew again as soon as Miss Bootsie completed the medication. VESH’s veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Loft, took over the cat’s care, resuming steroid therapy and starting a food trial to determine whether a food allergy was causing the abnormal immune reaction. It was a pleasure for multiple departments to collaborate on this adorable cat’s case. Check out Miss Bootsie, who is doing well at home with her family, here

Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals (RBVH): Dog’s best friend
Tinton Falls, NJ

 Every dog needs a best friend to help them through tough times. Sometimes the owner, or another pet, is the helper. And sometimes, it’s a stuffed, purple unicorn. Frankie is a sweet pitbull who is recovering from a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), which is similar to a stroke that affects the spinal cord. During the past six weeks, Frankie has stolen the hearts of the RBVH neurology team—she takes her beloved purple unicorn wherever she goes, including treatments and potty breaks. Frankie is improving daily, thanks to the intensive care she has received—and a little luck from her best friend. See Frankie and her constant companion here.  

Care Center: Pets get physical 

Cincinnati, OH

 Ginger is a young-at-heart 16 and a half-year-old dog who regularly visits Care Center for physical therapy appointments. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Care Center physical therapy department’s own Ginger first met patient Ginger! Care Center’s Ginger became fast friends with her canine name-twin when she got to know the sweet dog’s loveable personality. Ginger began physical therapy in January after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia and severe arthritis in several joints. The golden oldie now bounds into her therapy appointments with a new lease on life, and looks forward to her therapy sessions—not to mention the attention and treats. Ginger’s owner is thrilled with her progress and reports that she is participating in activities he thought she would never enjoy again. See Ginger getting physical during underwater treadmill therapy here

Arizona Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center (AVECCC): Helping pets overcome serious illness

Gilbert, AZ

Helping critically ill patients recover and return home to their families fuels our passion for veterinary medicine. Moka is a 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier who presented to AVECCC with advanced diabetes mellitus. Because his condition was so serious, Moka spent six days in the critical care unit receiving respiratory support. Moka steadily improved, and was able to return home with a long-term treatment plan to manage his diabetes mellitus. The AVECCC team fell in love with Moka and enjoyed grooming his long hair during his stay. Moka’s family is thankful that he is doing well, and almost back to his old self. Check out our team pampering Moka here

Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas (AEHNT) : Helping all creatures, great and small

Grapevine, TX

 The NVA Compassion-First technician team’s talents never cease to amaze us. They hone their skills to help all patients, whether furry, feathered, or smooth. Animal Emergency Hospital’s assistant technical director, Lindsey, took her skills to another level when she placed an intravenous (IV) catheter in a tomato frog! Check out Lindsey and her amphibian patient here.

Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral & ER: Filling special needs

Bowie, MD

Special-needs pets require special owners, and Mr. Prince Seabastian of Whales is fortunate to have wriggled his way into the heart of DCVR’s own emergency technician supervisor, Kim. After a history of painful, unresponsive ear infections, the adorable bulldog underwent two total ear canal ablation (TECA) procedures that left him completely deaf. But, Mr. Seabastian is a trooper, and has adjusted fairly well to his new lifestyle. Kim has taught her four-legged family member hand signals, and reports that he is thriving in his new home. See his cute, squishy face here.

Avets: A special delivery

Monroeville, PA

Avets’ new hospital is quickly progressing, and they recently received a special delivery—a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit. MRI is an advanced imaging modality that uses a magnetic field, instead of radiation, to generate a highly detailed three-dimensional image. This technology is the gold standard for imaging delicate nervous system structures, and will help Avets diagnose and monitor a variety of life-threatening pet conditions. Watch this video of the MRI unit being delivered to its new home.