Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, Joined 2016

Compassion-First Pet Hospitals and NVA Specialty+ER have united to create a hospital-first community unlike any other.

Compassion-First and NVA recognize that we share deep-rooted values and priorities. For years, our dedication to Specialty and Emergency medicine has been a common background.

Our groups have long shared the belief that the best patient care comes from championing hospitals in their local communities and supporting the practices and culture that have made them successful. We believe in empowering veterinarians and their teams with deeper resources so they can do more of what’s already working.

Combining our strengths gives us the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impact on the profession, our people, and the care of animals.

These are the ways we bring to life our shared commitment to the unique nature of Specialty and Emergency medicine.

  • We support doctors in setting their own medical and client care standards
  • We care for our people; both professionally and personally
  • We offer community-wide opportunities to collaborate and connect
  • We invest in our hospitals' plans for the future
  • We offer best-in-class doctor recruiting programs
  • We provide expertise in human resource management, technology services, marketing, business support and more

This is The Power of Us. Great medicine comes from great people who band together for the momentum to grow, flourish and practice advanced care.

As one of the only dedicated Specialty and Emergency groups in the industry, NVA Compassion-First is the trusted partner of hospital teams who are looking for more—more resources to advance their medicine, a greater sense of belonging, and increased opportunities to care for their patients, clients and people.

Your passion is helping pets.
Our passion is helping you.  

Veterinarian founded, we empower professionals to pursue medical excellence and collaboration with other specialists who share their passion.

It’s always about the best medicine

Perhaps you dream of what you could accomplish with a certain piece of medical equipment. Or with the support of an additional top-notch technician. Maybe even a hospital expansion.

We work with our partner hospitals on securing important resources, so doctors can rest assured that they’re poised to offer pets and their families the best medical outcomes possible.

Behind-the-scenes support

Our idea of a strong partnership begins with listening. That’s how we discover which business services we can provide to help veterinarians focus on providing best-in-class medicine. Whether you’d benefit from recruitment support, marketing or technology services, our energy goes toward whatever is needed to offer the highest levels of care.

Collaboration through community

Doctors everywhere face many of the same challenges. They crave developmental opportunities, seek out the latest medical learnings, and find inventive ways to grow and overcome obstacles.

A centralized, accessible system created for collaboration makes it possible to share that wealth of experience. Learn, teach and connect with other professionals who personally understand the ins and outs of your business.

Our Locations

Our network of premiere Specialty and Emergency hospitals means more shared experiences, resources and opportunities for collaboration.